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After Meaux and Ballard got engaged in May, they booked their engagement photos, which were taken by The Frost Collective, for early November.Meaux knew she'd pose without her wig in some of the pictures and post them on social media, even though she'd never showed anyone her bare head besides Ballard and her family members.

I knew I wanted to expose myself and thought, 'What better time to do it than when I'm next to Bryan, who makes me feel my most comfortable and confident? "It speaks volumes to our love story, since I've battled this disease throughout our entire relationship." Ballard supported her decision.The model and television presenter Gail Porter has refused to wear a hat or wig to hide the condition which she has suffered from since 2005.There is no connection between alopecia and male pattern baldness that affects 6.5 million men in the UK and is hormone-driven.Co-author Professor Angela Christiano, also from Columbia University, highlighted the devastating psychological effect alopecia can have."Patients with alopecia areata are suffering profoundly, and these findings mark a significant step forward for them," she said.

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