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But amongst my girlfriends there was a unanimous vote that no guy with an arrogant or cocky attitude would have a chance with them. I am also the woman who purposely avoids dating and shoots down every advance from a man at bars, haha.

Don’t brag about yourself, don’t try to be cool, and beyond that don’t appear too confident that you have a chance to walk away with her number.

Each one of my girlfriends unanimously agreed that you will have the best chance for success if you come in with something humorous that either pokes a bit of fun at yourself or something clever about something you’ve observed…and add a twist of intellect.

And be honest now, how often are you successful when you don’t have an obvious invitation from a woman? And everyone, male and female, knows what league they play in. It sounds rough but do yourself a favour and don’t hit on a woman who is in a different league as you.TIP…do this instead: The best thing to do is to WAIT for a signal from her to you that it’s okay to approach her.Don’t just walk up or try to stop her, for example, when she’s texting on her phone, dancing with her friends or walking from point A to point B!That is the surest way to know if your approach will be a welcome one or not.When you look at her, if she looks away immediately and doesn’t come back to you with a gentle smile and batting her eyes within a minute or two that means that she’s not interested. NOTE: Following with the above tip…personally, I know more or less which men I have a chance with based on my social status, my looks and my style and lastly my personality.

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Here are the major No-No’s…basically what NOT to do…then follow-up tips of suave moves to try instead!

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