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Statham knows how to pose for the cameras, and he never spares a chance to flaunt his assets in a shirtless pose.

This is one reason he features very prominently in many glamorous magazines of the celebrity world.

The film was received with enormous critical acclaim.

Statham kept up his great talent in the films, Snatch (2000), Ghosts of Mars (2001) and The One (2001), which were highly appreciated. These films gave him the chance to act alongside some of the biggest names in the film industry.

The jacket also came with Silverstone's shirt/black Swede pants and a lip-stick top.

See more » After Emily and Vincent walk back to the hotel, Emily has Vincent's jacket on.

When they walk into the room, she still has it on but when they walk outside again, Vincent is wearing it.

Mary Giordano is a bright, intelligent student who goes to a catholic school.She is attracted by his reckless lifestyle and the situation makes her kidnapping the more real and frightening for her father.The yellow leather jacket worn by Alicia Silverstone was sold to actor/stand-up comic, Paul Rawson for 0.He is currently believed to be dating another model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.Credible estimates place his net worth at $ 40 million.

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He admitted to spending long hours in six days every week to training.

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