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Terberger estimated that more than 2,000 people might have been involved in the fight.[10 Epic Battles that Changed History] "This is beyond the local scale of a conflict," he said, meaning that this was likely a major battle in the region, not a fight between neighbors.Kalle Sauerland of Sauerland Events spent four years putting together a new tournament that could be to boxing, what the FIFA World Cup is to football.Boxing traditionally exists within a ranking structure set up by four rival world organisations: The WBA, the WBC, the WBO, and the IBF. One tournament is for super middleweights (168 pounds / 12 stones), while the other is for cruiserweights (200 pounds / 14 stones and 4 pounds).

To date, the researchers have found the skeletons of 140 people, mostly men between the ages of 20 and 40, among the remains of military equipment and horse bones.But it could have some relevant parallels for the Bronze Age, Terberger and his colleagues argued.From historical accounts, archaeologists know there were mercenary soldiers from all over Europe fighting at Wittstock.The results do at least suggest that many of these nonlocals came from the south, perhaps from southern Germany and Central Europe.This interpretation agrees with some of the archaeological finds; Central European-style arrowheads and dress pins have been found on the battlefield and nowhere else in northern Germany, Terberger said.

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What's more, the battle took place right around a narrow part in the river where there was a wooden trackway that dates back to 1900 B. and was possibly a bridge connecting the two sides of the river. was also marked by cultural upheaval in Central Europe, when new ideologies were coming in from the Mediterranean with the start of the Urnfield culture (named for the way the dead were cremated and buried in urns).

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