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Nunca los conocí, ni conocí a mis abuelosmi cama fue la basura y mis amigos los perros;allí aprendí a defenderme, allí mis años crecieron. Señor; es que tenían hambre mis hijos Y yo he estado sin trabajo; tampoco tenemos casas, Ya no tenemos ni cinco ¿Qué porqué no busco empleo? Y al final: “vuelva otro día, el personal es completo”No señor, no tuve escuela; me crié entre los basureros.¿Mis padres? Que si tengo referencias y que si gozo de créditos, Que donde trabajaba antes y a cuanto ascendía Mi sueldo; que si mi filiación es priísta, Que si apoyo al buen gobierno.Hoy es domingo, señor, no se trabaja; Ellos están con hambre porque no hubo desperdicios Y aunque flacos y esqueléticos, con sarna, cáncer o tifo,no dejo de ser su padre y ellos, no dejan de ser mis hijos; Aunque duerman en basura, aunque se bañen con vicios, Por favor, usted lléveles esos panes¡Qué tienen hambre mis hijos!Its an excellent player with a tone that will cover a wide range of Gibson and Fender tones. More than just the rackmount version of the original POD, the POD Pro had much more features including double the number of amp models (32), cabinet models can be changed from front panel, manual mode (instead of presets) is handy for many players as it's the what-you-see-is-what-you-get mode where all the tones are reflected by knob positions. In addition to the 1/4" input and stereo outs of the original Pod, the Pro features a line-level input, an unprocessed output, a TRS stereo effects loop, balanced XLR outputs, two flavors of digital outputs (S/PDIF and AES/EBU), and a digital clock input.This model sold at discount for 39 when last produced a few years ago. The outputs are designed for two modes of operation: live and studio.All the 50's features including anodized gold pickguard, alder body with gloss nitro finish, C-shaped maple neck/fretboard with a vintage 7.25" radius, vintage frets and Alnico Precision pickups.We probably have pickup and/or bridge covers to fit this for additional cost. For this money you might expect a bass that's somewhat lackluster in tone but this bass is actually lively and sounds excellent.

Unique to the VTB-1 mic preamp is the Tube Drive circuit based on a 12AX7 tube that allows the user to blend as little or as much of the Tube Drive as desired.

2002 PRS CE 22 Maple Mc Carty Burst, (front), (back), (headstock), (buckle wear), (case).

Looking for a quality Core model PRS at under a grand? Not the cleanest PRS Ive had but looks good from the audience and no major cosmetic issues.

2017 Fender '50s Precision Bass Lacquer - Black, (front), (headstock), (back), (case).

First of the latest Classic Series I've had...offered in "as new" condition and includes Fender tweed case.

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