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The Board of Trustees chose Diquinzio and Norling from a list of five potential facul- ty members elected by the faculty.Continued on page 5 THE MUHLENBERG WEEKLY OP/ED THL i EPTEMBER 5, 2002 TH E M U H LEN BERG WEEKLY David M.T h i year's Advisors were select- ed through a competitive application and interview- ing process.The 89 selected Advisors began their training last spring.Many people come here with expecta- tions of privacy.It is not unreasonable for a student to expect that their school tele- phone should not ring constantly with telemarketers.

One man- be he the President, a faculty member, a staff member or stu- dent-can never embody the College's history, traditions and function. From Plant Operations who keep our campus in pristine condition, to the senior staff who maintain the College's management in every possible way, to the men and women of Wood Dining Services and everyone in between, the College is more than faculty, staff, administration and stu- dents. The exit of one member of that collaborative effort cannot destroy the work of thousands.

Following the termina- tion of Taylor and the resig- nation of Long, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer Kent Dyer was named acting President and John Heffer ascended to the position of Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Rich Brueckner '71, a member of the Board, became Vice Chairman (See "Board of Trustees gains new leader- ship" on page 7). 16, the Board named James Steffy interim President.

trying to say no about eight times you hang up and wonder where they got your phone number.

Since most students at Muhlenberg do not sign up to be harassed by Discover and Master Card, I present these ques- tions: how do they get our phone numbers and addresses and who is giving it to them?

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