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"Who do you think put this roof over your head, young lady? Her dad had a way of making everything feel ok again. She stiffened slightly - he was still nosing around - but she was feeling much better now. "And what kind of webcamming services does big Dave supply? But I can tell you they're extremely lucrative." "Is that so? maybe I'd best stay in the dark then." There was another silence, then Linda started laughing again. But he wanted to know she was ok, and she owed him a bit of the truth. She could see him in outline across the room, sitting watching her. She was suddenly very aware that she was still completely naked under the blankets. But when she saw him earlier, he'd been wearing them for sure. Her dad was just an outline, a shadow against the window. That's a shame - but OK." She heard him settle down into the chair by her window. Her dad hadn't switched the light on but the curtains were open and there was a bright moon. But that doesn't mean I might not be able to help." "I promise you Dad, this is really something you can't help with." He nodded, but seemed in no hurry to go. Linda felt some of the wanton recklessness from earlier return. You really want to spoil things between you, she thought.

well, not dressed." "You jumped out of her window naked? "But actually that wasn't the worst of it." "It got WORSE? "The trouble was, her mum and dad knew I was there, because my car was still out front." "Oh. " He opened the door properly and came out onto the landing towards her, his face confused and... Every time he looked at her from now on that would be what he thought about, no matter how much both of them tried to move on. If only she could go back five minutes, so she could turn the other way at the top of the stairs. When she was just regaining control, she managed to splutter out "you... " "And so, er, her Dad started looking for me around the garden, with a torch. And so I was sort of, well, dodging around the garden, holding my sock, while Bernard tried to hunt me down." It took Linda nearly a minute to recover.

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