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Wedco received a million grant from the Government for the project.

Mr Dias, who previously told The Royal Gazette that the project would be completed by April 20, said he was delighted with the final product.

Restoration work was completed by Overnight Construction and Strikeforce, and was completed on budget.

The building will be rented as a commercial space after the completion of the Americas Cup.2017. More than million has been invested in renovating historic buildings at Dockyard ahead of the Americas Cup.

Other files on Bermuda by this author relating to military matters and civil aviation include Airlines serving Bermuda - American Bases in Bermuda from 1941 to 1995 - Bermuda Aviation History Pioneers Civilian and Military - Bermuda International Airport.2017. Renovations to Dockyards historic Moresby House have been completed.

The building was constructed in 1899 as the residence of the Office-in-Charge of Works.

4540, for work on the navy schooners Dispatch and Advice; and draught no.

4541, for supplementing the building of the Dispatch and Advice.

Andrew Dias, General Manager at the West End Development Corporation (WEDCO), said: The work was always in the pipeline but was given fresh impetus as a result an insurance payout from recent hurricanes and the Americas Cup.Once the renovations, which include a complete interior restoration including additional bathrooms and layout improvements, have been completed, first use will go to the ACBDA until the end of the Americas Cup.The Spar Lane Apartments are being given a new lease of life and once work is finished they will again be used as homes.Later called HMS Malabar, it has remained empty since the Royal Navy left Dockyard in 1995.Craig Cannonier, Minister of Public Works, said the remarkable restoration was a fitting tribute to the buildings history.

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