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Jennifer pretends Johnny is her husband to ward off a childhood friend from West Virginia (Hoyt Axton) who shows up in Cincinnati expecting her to go through on their teenage agreement to get married.

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I should be able to talk to bae whenever I damn well please. Nick wasn't off, though, so I was just hanging out with my phone, bored.

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Meanwhile, China has used this opportunity to reinstate its primacy in the Myanmar strategic calculus. They are taking advantage of this situation." India wants to check China's advance in Myanmar, understanding that Myanmar itself is wary of letting the Chinese back in fully.

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The tables are there, but all of the initial data is not added and any attempt to update the tables results in this error: UPDATE command denied to user 'xxxxx_wp'@'localhost' for table 'wp_reviewazon_settings' He has asked me to check the permissions and make sure that the db user has rights to the Review AZON tables? I can't see anything relating to "permissions" when I look at the database in Heidi SQL. The domain in question is hosted by a provider so I only have limited server access, but if access by a root user is necessary I can contact them -- if I know what to ask for. Sounds good Anse -- for a moment there I thought I was on to a solution. Heidi SQL then reports: "You have no access to the priviliges database." Is this something I need to have the host technicians fix for me? Users should only be managed via your control panel.