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There will definitely be something for all collectors in this auction from the most advanced to the beginner. Unmarked - - 10.75" all metal rack adj wrench with set screw to lock lower jaw in place. MACKE & CO - KOKOMO, IND USA - PAT'D 4 - 22 - 1919, etc - - 12.5" Rack screw adj with a lever that raises the knurled nut off the rack teeth for quick adjustment. Z 12 IN / PAT APL'D FOR - - 12" malleable quick adj patented by F. Pipe version with serrated inserts on angled upper jaw. Pat by Franklin Woodward of Sarcoxie, Mo (evidently sold to W.

RARE primitive looking wrench (like wooden handled example pictured at S436) 0002. Bell) but mfg to a 7-6-1920 pat by William Bell of Tulsa, OK.

All had an unfinished wooden handle and either a regular hex or square handle nut.

Some markings not readable and several grinding marks. QUICKSET - - 8" like above but with a round wooden handle. Several of these previously unknown wrenches surfaced at a Texas auction several years ago.

Unmarked - - 8" quick adjust nut wrench with unique rack gears and release lever. Super rare (only one I've seen) in excellent condition except for one small spot of pitting (Not listed) 0010.

Vern has a huge and varied collection of over 4,500 wrenches with outstanding examples in all categories of collectible wrenches and especially strong in cutout farm implement wrenches, IHC and related implement wrenchs (with over 200), quick adjust wrenches, early screw adjust wrenches, Crescent type wrenches from common to one of a kinds including many with various enhancements, wrenches from hardware companies such as Keen Kutter, Winchester, Shapleigh, etc., tools from the Buffum Tool Co.

The company failed and all they got for their investments were the wrenches.

Patented by Kenneth Halls of Broomfield, Colorado and assigned to Eugene Peterson. A note inside the box states that these were given to investors in the Peterson Tool Co.

OK, I can understand this as the 302 and 303 are basically the same shape but the size varies by an appreciable amount.

This is, of course, hard to evaluate on a single photograph where no comparison can be made.

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