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They think about jungle because Venezuela is in a tropical area and Venezuelan wonders are majorly natural.It is important to mention, that, as well as with the American Stereotypes, in Venezuela they have a lot of people, from very different cultures that has different thoughts about life and so different backgrounds, and may be, are not as the common stereotypes.

Text Size : This is the size of the pure text on your site, after HTML has been removed. Some of these questions we can easily respond, like Hugo Chavez (ex-dictator (ops)) and baseball (the sport number one in Venezuela).They were probably not happy with Hugo Chavez because they remember the ‘good old days’ when Venezuela was thriving.Encuentra las siguientes estaciones: mas 6 radios para escuchar Radio Musica Llanera here to listen to popular radio radios Colombia llaneras The catalog is officially stations provided by their owners through internet.M�SICA LLANERA GRATIS: Escuche las mejores canciones del llano colombo-venezolano, Colombia y Venezuela con sus mejores representantes, oir cantores y cantautores, juglares, int�rpretes del inmenso llano, canciones, temas musicales de la tierra plana, poemas llaneros, cantos, versos, artistas criollos, cancionero llanero, melod�as criollitas para oir por internet, M�sica llanera Cristia Escuchar y bailar m�sica llanera online: Lo mejor de la m�sica llanera con sus mejores representantes, folklore del llano, danza llanera, contrapunteo, las canciones m�s hermosas del llano colombo-venezolano, todos los ritmos, joropo, pasaje, pajarillo, poemas, cuentos y relatos, disfrute del ritmo llanero GRATIS, oir discos, CDs, M�sica llanera Cristiana, M�s artistas...

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