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Tokita watches the video clip and orders Kanna to find the band and sign them to a contract.

This starts Kannas quest to find the band known as "The Shonen Merikensack".

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What Kanna doesnt know, but will find out soon enough, is that the video clip was filmed 25 years ago and the band members are now all washed up middle aged ...(more) Young record company talent scout Kanna finds a video clip of an abrasive punk rock band on the Internet.

What Kanna doesnt know, but will find out soon enough, is that the video clip was filmed 25 years ago and the band members are now all washed up middle aged men.

When bubbly, bright-eyed Kanna Kurita, a 25-year-old talent scout at a major pop record company, bursts into her boss Tokita’s office with her laptop, she’s convinced that this is her last day on the job.

(Serie TV) (2007) Band Baaja Baaraat (2010) Bandage (2010) Bandhobi (2009) Bandits vs.[x] Fantasia provides links to the most popular calendaring tools.You will need separate accounts with these services to use their calendars or your own desktop calendaring software.Most importantly, though, Kudo—with the help of a great cast giving it their all—paints portraits of really memorable characters and the way they bounce off of and bash into each other.A step away from losing her job, record company employee Kanna comes across an awesome punk rock band called Shonen Merikensack on the Internet, and sets out to sign them.

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But Kudo is a step ahead with his surprising twists and turns, and moreover, he’s got a far better grasp of the rock ’n’ roll world’s particular details than many filmmakers who venture there.

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